Functional Emotional Fitness Training

“Let us resolve to be masters, not the victims, of our history, controlling our own destiny, without giving way to blind suspicions and emotions.” – John F. Kennedy

Warrior Life Coach® has led the way in online coaching for combat veterans.  Unlike many of the counselors available today, we can at least say “we’ve been there.”  Although everyone’s combat experience is different, we all search for a way to move forward.  If you’ve tried the current therapeutic approach that is made up of of talk therapy about “your past” and waited in line to get another prescription refill, then we offer something completely different. We concentrate our coaching into 3 specific areas of your life:



Internal Self-Talk – The most provoking words we ever hear, that help to shape our actions, are the words we say to ourselves.  Learn to craft a new internal dialogue that consistently reminds you of where you are going, rather than focusing on the distractions that keep you where you are.  Align you subconscious thoughts with the “absolute musts” in your life to create an unbeatable alliance for success.       


self talk


Focused Attention – You’ve set goals before in your life, but find yourself constantly distracted.  In your heart, you know there must be a way to align your dominant thinking with the things you want to accomplish.  Using the process of Emotional Measurement®, we take the guesswork out of self improvement and give you what you are looking for:  Results!





Mental Agility – Life comes at you fast.  Whether you’re in a tense situation, raising a family, or dealing with a difficult coworker, you need to make decisions without emotional distractions.  Using the techniques only available from a Burris Institute Coach, you will harness an evidence-based process for keeping you on track and in positive control of your most powerful emotional state.



If you are more comfortable working out of your home, all we need is a broadband internet connection and a phone.  If you like to work one-on-one, we can find a place to meet.  For our clients that like to learn in a classroom environment, we provide these services, as well.  Our affordable, evidence-based tools are easily mastered and quickly integrated into your daily life.  Working with your coach, you will generate measurable results that not only come fast, but will last. To learn more, click on the CONTACT tab and send us a message.

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